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O.C. veterans propose cemetery on former Marine base

When American Legion Chaplain Bill Cook peered through the chain-link fence at the windswept landscape — a broken runway, scrubby fields and green foothills in the distance — he remembered the Phantoms.

The fighter jets were once a regular sight, slicing through the air over what was for decades a bustling military base.

"The jets would just roar," he said on a recent afternoon at the old U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro.

Now the Vietnam veteran is leading the charge to transform a small piece of that land into a final resting place for Orange County's veterans.

Cook and others have been pushing for a veterans cemetery here since El Toro closed in 1999, but the idea is finally gathering steam as the old base is transformed into a sprawling park and neighborhoods of new homes.

The proposal has gained the support of legislators, county supervisors, city officials and veterans groups, though some have worried about a sustainable funding source.

But the most daunting hurdle may well be placing a cemetery next to planned tracts of homes that are being marketed to Asians.

The developer who is building the thousands of homes on the rim of the Orange County Great Park has consulted a feng shui master to review the names of streets, the bends in the roadways and the design of the homes to ensure a proper flow of energy.

In a city that is already 40% Asian, it is expected that the new homes — many which will hit the market with listing prices over $1 million — will be sold to buyers arriving from Asia.

And a cemetery is simply bad feng shui.

In the early 1940s, when the base was teeming with soldiers training for war, the airfield was isolated among vast orange and avocado groves.

But as the high-end suburbs of South County fanned out, the base became hemmed in by tract homes, schools and shopping centers. The Marines finally left in 1999.

What they left behind was an enormous stretch of land, about 4,600 acres dotted with abandoned barracks and hangars and crisscrossed with runways. The transformation into parkland, sports fields and homes follows years of legal disputes and political wrangling.

Bill Sandlin, a member of the Orange County Veterans Memorial Park Committee, believes there's still room here for those who served their country.

"I want to do all I can to make sure this place maintains some of its Marine identity," said Sandlin, who transported Marines headed for the brig between the base and Camp Pendleton in the early 1960s.

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Billiard Games Cutthroat

Tons of billiard games exist today, but the list for an odd number of participants is quite shorter. Most pool games require an even number of players, unfortunately leaving the extra player waiting around for the next round. This is where Cutthroat comes into play. The object of Cutthroat is quite simple. In order to win, be the last person playing to have balls on the table. If all of your balls have been sunk by other players, then you are out, at least momentarily (I will explain in a second). cutthroat pool The rules of Cutthroat are not hard to understand and are pretty straight forward. Players start with a full 15-ball rack. You do not choose which set of balls you are until you have made a shot. For example, if the first player breaks and sinks the 8 and 15 balls, then that player would choose his set of billiard balls. Each player is given an equal amount of balls, and, since all 15 balls are used, three or five players for this game is ideal. For three players use low, middle, and high groups, or ball groups 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15. For five players use groups 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13-15. In the situation above, the smartest choice for player 1 would be the low balls, or 1-5, since one of each of the other two groups is already off of the table (the 8- and 15-balls). Keep in mind that you want to be the last one with balls remaining on the table, so choose the group of balls with the most still on the table, no matter if you shoot first, second, or third. And since you must clear a ball before choosing your own, it is possible for a player to become eliminated without ever having a shot. It is also possible, though, once a player is knocked out, for him to reenter the game. If a remaining shooter fouls, each other player, even the eliminated ones, is allowed to spot one of their own sunken balls back on the billiard table on the head spot. You may, if you choose, sink one of your own balls to set up the next shot to continue your turn. You can even sink your last ball remaining and still win if you can clear the entire table without missing. Usually, you will want to stay away from pocketing your own billiard balls unless no other shot is available. Next time you are looking for a relatively quick, fun billiard game, and you have an odd number of people, try Cutthroat. Do not be the one who has to sit on the bar stools in the corner waiting for your next turn, especially in your own billiard room. Suggest Cutthroat next time, and never worry about leaving the odd man out in your billiard room ever again.

What Can A Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker Do For You

When you decide to either buy or sell a yacht, this is when making use of the right Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker can prove to be highly beneficial to you. They are very important especially when it comes to ensuring that the whole transaction is a smooth and easy one. Trying to either sell or buy a yacht on your own with zero experience may not really end well for you. Also, you may lack the negotiations skills that are needed to make sure that you are able to get a successful deal that is also likely to be very beneficial to you.

There is a wide load of benefits that you are likely to get

No matter how much information you may think that you know when it comes to yacht sales, you may not really be able to outdo the skills, knowledge, and experience that a broker has especially if they have been in this kind of market for a long time. A Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is always going to have an upper hand since they tend to know a lot of things. They are very important since just like a real estate agent would do, they are also going to act on your behalf and make sure that you are able to and yourself the best possible deal. The yacht broker is also going to make use of their skills especially when it comes to representing, listing selling and even if you want them to buy a yacht for you. You should be sure that they are going to do this without any kind of difficulty.

What really happens in such deals is that the seller is the one who is going to be the one who will be paying the commission that is needed. However, an important point that you need to understand is that a broker is going to have the duty to both the seller as well as the buyer of the boat. In some unique cases, you will find that the broker is going to be the one who will be representing both the seller and the buyer. If you are looking for a yacht to buy, it is highly advisable that you make use of your very own broker since he or she is going to be in a better position to protect all your interests and working into making sure that you are able to get the best possible deal that is available in the market.

If you are buying a yacht, a broker will help you do the following:

He or she is going to be your very own personal shopper. What this means is that they are going to look for different options for you which are going to suit you best.

They will help in the choosing of a suitable boat

It may be overwhelming and stressful if you are trying to buy a boat on your own. With the help of a Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker, you will have an easier time.

Know Your Skateboard Components And Upgrades

Knowing the skateboard components and upgrades will help any skater enjoy every ride, do some tricks and stunts, and keep the skateboard in top condition at all times. Here are the major parts of a skateboard and the upgrades that you can easily do to make the equipment perform better.

The Deck

The deck of the skateboard is the flat board where the rider stands or crouches when skateboarding. A skateboard deck comes in several sizes. These are the 7.5-8.0 inches for adults; 7.3 inches deck while those aged 6 to 8 years old will find the 7.0 inches for teenagers; 7.0 inches while 6.5-6.75 inches for small children.

Grip tape

The grip tape is a tape with gritty surface and helps your shoes stay firmly on the board. Without the grip tape, you will slide and fall from the skateboard. Some people who skateboard buy grip tape with colorful and lovely designs. It can also help riders identify the nose and the tail of the skateboard.


A skateboard has metal trucks to keep the wheels and the bearings attached to the deck. This is responsible for the movement of the skateboard. The trucks keep the rider stable and are important in doing the tricks and stunts in the skateboard. It is important to have stable and strong trucks to prevent accidents while riding the board.


The wheels of the skateboard keep it running. The quality of ride and speed is affected by the size of the wheels. Big wheels can make the board run fast and ride over surfaces with cracks or debris smoothly. Although small-wheeled skateboards are quick to respond, they are slower than those with big wheels.


The bearings attach the wheels to the axle and are responsible for the way the wheels turn, Bearings must be lubricated properly so that the wheels can turn smoothly. If they are corroded or sticky, you will have difficulty making the skateboard move. There are cleaning kits for the bearing that can be purchased in the market.

Skateboard Upgrades

Some skateboard owners prefer to customize their equipment and update them. Here are the most common updates that you can easily do by yourself.

Changing the Wheels

For a smooth and safe ride on the skateboard at all times, changing wheels when the old ones show signs of wear and tear is important. You can choose wheels in your favorite color and apply some designs for a unique wheel. You can also change wheel sizes if you prefer to reach higher speeds.

Update the grip tape

Grip tape may lose its adhesion as time passes by. When the grits are not as rough anymore as when you bought your skateboard, you can easily lose your balance and slip or slide. Replace the grip tape as soon as its surface is becoming smooth.

Change the trucks

Too old trucks can result in accidents as they might separate from the board. Replace them once you notice signs of wear and tear. Using colorful trucks will enhance the attractiveness of your skateboard and you will enjoy it more.

By knowing the skateboard components and updates of your equipment, you will continue enjoying each ride. The skateboard will be safer to ride and will last longer if they are updated when signs of wear and tear become visible.

Led Bike Lights: Adding Safety And Efficiency To Your Ride

LED lights are an economical and safety conscious choice for any bicycle rider. Many riders overlook this piece of safety equipment because it has been traditionally considered too bulky or heavy to carry on a bike. However, there are a number of bike light options now available that are easy to carry and versatile, making them perfect for bicycle safety.

Why Carry a Light on Your Bicycle

Anyone who cycles should consider keeping a light on their bicycle. There are a variety of types of lights that can be used on bicycles. Bicycle specific lights, such as an LED bike chip, are wonderful investments. The LED bike chip connects to the bicycle, providing a bright, hands-free source of light. If you need a flashlight, you can easily remove the LED bike chip and use it as a hand held flashlight.

There are a variety of reasons for carrying a flashlight on your bicycle. The most obvious is for safety. In the summer, when many people bicycle in the evening to take advantage of the cooler temperatures, it is easy to end up far from home with darkness rapidly approaching. While there are hours of additional daylight, once darkness settles in, it gets dark quick. What starts as a leisurely ride can quickly turn frightening if you take a wrong turn or encounter a flat tire. A bright LED torch is the perfect companion for your ride. The LED torch has a compact size, a bright light and long battery life.

If you need help, a strobing light can bring it. While you may think the chances of injury or danger on you bicycle are rare, it only takes a pothole to damage your bicycle beyond repair, or even a minor wreck to leave you too sore to ride home. A strobing light will be noticed by passers-by, and is just the thing to bring someone to the rescue. Many strobing lights can be used as a regular flashlight, and switched to strobing if necessary.

What Makes the Best Sort of Light

LED flashlights are a good choice for the bicyclist. The battery life of the LED light is extraordinary, and the clear, bright light that the LED flashlight emits is a wonderful safety feature, particularly in foggy conditions. If you are frequently out in the early morning or late evening hours, or at times when the weather is unpredictable, a strong light, such as an LED torch is a safety conscious choice.

The batteries in an LED flashlight, as well as the bulb, last an extremely long time, often thousands of hours. Compare this to traditional filament flashlights and you can see the benefits of an LED flashlight. Also, an LED flashlight will gradually lose strength over a period of time, while a traditional flashlight will work one time, and the next time, it will be dead. Because you are unlikely to use your flashlight each time you ride your bicycle, it is important that you have a flashlight with a long shelf light. If you have a traditional light bulb, you would find it necessary to carry extra batteries and even a spare bulb, but with an LED flashlight, all you need is your flashlight. You can easily find a small LED flashlight that will fit into the palm of your hand.

Tips On Purchasing Gym Equipment

Regular and proper exercise is essential to keeping the body healthy. And, as more people are becoming more conscious of their health, fitness gyms are practically everywhere. Your lifestyle, however, may not allow you to go to a fitness gym regularly. So, one option you have is to get some gym equipment and workout at home. Gym equipment is an investment, so you want to get the most out of it. To help you with that, there are certain considerations you need to take into account.

Health Status

It is essential that you visit your healthcare provider before deciding on which gym equipment you should purchase. They can help you decide which equipment exercise routine would best suit your health status. If you have cardiac health problems, for instance, a serious endurance workout might compromise your health instead of improving it; walking slowly on a treadmill might be a better option.

Check out this for back protection lifting weights.


As with any product you buy, research is one key to getting the right equipment for you. And, this includes reading reviews. Consumer and fitness magazines provide ratings on the performance of a certain equipment, so it is always best to check them out. Of course, the internet is not short of customer reviews, so make use of these reviews to make a more informed choice. You can even dig deeper by keying in the name of the product or manufacturer into a search engine, together with the keywords problem or complaint.

For more information on top exercise equipment, watch this: Test

To give you an actual experience of the equipment, test it. Because it is not easy to test it in a store, go to a fitness gym, particularly one that allows a one-day pass since you are not looking for a membership. Or, you can go to a recreational center or a friends place. Spend at least five minutes on each machine, and see how your body responds to it.

Customer and Support Services

See to it that the company offers customer and support services. Try reaching the advertised number for you to have an idea of how easy it is to reach their representatives. It is also important that you are aware of the warranties, guarantees, and return policies.

In summary, your choice of gym equipment is essential in your journey to having a healthier lifestyle. The things you need to consider include your health status, customer reviews, testing, and a suppliers customer and support services.

Handgun Training Is Big Business

Its a wild world out there. Anyone who doesnt know it hasnt been watching TV. Despite all the security features of modern society (from CCTVs to alarm systems), many Americans still feel vulnerable. This is the primary reason why gun sales are higher than ever, and are still expected to increase in the coming years.

With gun owners through the roof, another question arises -- are these people responsible enough to wield their weapons? Have they received enough training to use their guns properly when they need to? Sure, there are lots of gun clubs and shooting ranges out there, but their prices are not always friendly for the average citizen.

The better ones charge for everything - from firearm rental to ammo, to eye/ear protection and target boards. That does not even count in the fee for being in the range. Of course, this isnt a one-time fee -- no one can learn to shoot properly after a single session.

If we aim for a safer society, we need an alternative for training in firearms. Something safe and compact. Something easy to use, and cost-effective. Something like the Gunfighter Simulation System. Additional information here.

The Systems Portable Trainer is a one-of-a-kind technology, which is specifically designed for those interested in personal protection. You can easily set it up in various locations, essentially being a mobile shooting range. With over 200 scenarios that cover anything from active shooters to burglars, it immerses its users in life-like scenarios no target boards can.

It trains not only your accuracy and proficiency, but also your judgment and cognitive processes through a virtual experience and its no arcade game either. The simulator includes two dry-fire handguns, with the exact feel and action of a real one. You can fit them with lasers to serve as training wheels for beginners.

There is also a Picture-in-Picture system, which allows users to assess their own posture and actions. This is something that can neither be obtained at the arcade nor at real shooting ranges.

The Portable Trainer uses a laptop computer optimized for the software. While being a complete Windows system with an Office Suite for recording and media creation/presentation purposes, it also has a High Definition video card, which perfectly replicates the needed scenarios. These scenarios are stored in two hard drives that can store up to 1,500 different scenes, and are projected via the bundled HD projector, which guarantees true-to-life imaging.

The system also has a customized report generator and template designer -- instructors will only have to put in the Name, Scenario Title, Date and Time. Everything else is filled up by the computer. These reports can then be exported to the standard MS Office Suite formats.

Its not all sights, too -- the sounds are just as realistic. Using a 5.1 Surround Sound speaker system, the trainees are exposed to sounds appropriate to the locations on the screen. Instructors may also choose to play their own audio from a specific location in the room. This is often used to provide directional feedback.

Relevance, realism and effectiveness are all qualities that the Gunfighter Simulation System has. The system allows instructors to teach and evaluate trainees in a way that conventional systems cannot. It also allows valuable training for all levels, from those who have just bought their first gun to those seasoned vets of the shooting range.

The scenarios advance in much the same way as real life, where decisions made at one point can trigger different branches, leading to divergent outcomes. With entertainment built in, learning how to be a responsible gun owner has never been so rewarding.

Tailgate Party Traveling Tips

If you have traveled before, you know how vast and exciting the world of traveling can be. If you do it properly, you can visit cities across the globe without depleting your savings. There are also so many ways that you can use your existing travel knowledge to create and plan better trips. If you are like most avid football fans and want to travel and tailgate with your favorite team, here are some great tips to help you do it like a rock star.

To create the best possible travel experience for you and whoever you decide to venture out with, consider creating a budget beforehand. Before you plan any trip, take a look at your finances and set aside a specific amount to use for this upcoming trip. This way, you can research the best places to go without breaking the bank. This will also give you a realistic expectation for what you can and cannot do while you are away. If you are following your team to many different cities, this may be the most crucial step before heading out of town.

One of the best tips is to look at the weather for wherever you are visiting. It is recommended that you analyze it weeks and days before you go anywhere. The worst thing in the world is when you are unprepared for the elements, especially at a tailgate party. Wearing shorts in the cold rain is not ideal and neither is a winter jacket when it is 80 degrees outside. Knowing the weather will allow you to pack properly and bring enough clothes to deal with any type of climate. A good tip is to only bring clothes for whatever forecast you read, so you have plenty of room in that suitcase for novelties and souvenirs.

When you get to your hotel, hostile or any other place you may be staying, make sure to lock up and hide your valuables when you are not in your room. This is especially important if you travel overseas. Anywhere you go, there will also be bad people, those who prey on visitors and try to take advantage of them by selling them fake merchandise and or pick pocketing and stealing from hotel rooms. An easy way to avoid getting taken advantage of is to properly lock up valuables and be aware of your surroundings wherever you go. If you are traveling in a motor home or camper, make sure you lock it up at every destination so that no one can enter it while you are out and about.

When packing, make sure to bring all of the essentials. Dont forget the phone chargers, cameras, team jerseys and anything else you may need while you are away. A great tip here is to create a list before you travel. This way, you can check off items as you pack them. Getting in the habit of doing this will make you a rock star packer, one who never forgets any essential item.

If you are an avid tailgater, you are probably laughing at this article right now because you know how simple these tips are. Chances are you have forgotten one or more important items on a trip before. So, as funny and simple as this is, it is still a great refresher for anyone who is getting ready to travel. If you are a diehard fan who will be traveling with the team this upcoming season, make sure you plan accordingly and travel like a pro!

Ar 15 Rifles For Sale: Buy Online

When it comes to security, it is
always good to be prepared. You never know the problem will come from. In fact,
you never when criminals will terrorize you. You need to take some steps
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You may choose to buy your
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Online buying is the method that
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The good thing is that you dont have to move from one place to another. In fact,
you can shop even from your office. As long as you have Internet connection,
you can always make your purchases. Remember, you dont have to worry about the
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only thing you need to do is to shop for your AR 15 Rifles for Sale without any

Remember, it is a requirement
that you check on the type of the store before making your purchases. It is
good to work with the best store around. A good store is likely to offer good
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such a store. In fact, your shopping experience will be a smooth one. That is
why it is important to research widely before making your final decision. The best
thing is that there is a lot of information online. In general, it is important
to hire a store that is reputable, disciplined and certified. You also need to
hire a store that has good customer care services, great track record,
wonderful communications channels and great business principles.

Finally, it is good to talk with
your customer care service before making your order. Your shopping experience
will be even better if you dont make rush decisions. Your customer care service
has enough information to help you make the right decision. It is important,
therefore, to ensure that you contact the customer care service for anything
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of each store. You should look for this information so that you are not caught
off-guard. Finally, it is always good to try and ask for another price. You may
get your AR 15 Rifle at a relatively cheaper price just by asking for
a discount. 

Cornhole: A Competitive Sport On The Rise

Many people do not consider cornhole to be a legitimate sport. Tossing bean bags onto a slanted board seems more like a fun backyard game than anything else. However, in recent years, the game has accrued a massive following, drawing in serious competitors all across the country. This fun post is all about the fascinating sport of cornhole.

Cornhole tournaments can now be found in many locations across the country. Competitors range from novice to expert, oftentimes there is even a category for children. While many still enjoy the sport for its social aspect, there are those who take the game very seriously. Many of the tournaments are comprised largely of local residents looking to make some extra cash. Some events even draw in people and teams from long distances.

Competitors, in either individual or team format, spend a significant amount of time practicing and ensuring that their games are up to par. Despite the preparation required for tournament play, the game maintains an exceedingly fun atmosphere that is sure to entertain everyone involved. Even spectators get excited when observing some of these games.

Cornhole originally became popular as a backyard game because of its basic rules and straightforward scorekeeping. As the game progresses, points become increasingly important, keeping the players and audience captivated. Another contributor to its rise in popularity is the fact that it is not a physically demanding activity. It is simple to play and can be fun for people of all ages. Even children and the elderly can have a good time playing.

If you are looking to join a tournament in your area, it is important to first research the tournament rules to ensure that you have the proper equipment. You need to make sure that you have corn hole boards that meet regulation tournament dimensions. You will also want to practice your toss from the official distance, to ensure that your aim is perfect. When registering for an event, it is important to choose the appropriate competitive class. Tournaments are often divided into multiple categories including youth, adult male and adult female. This will make sure that you are playing against people with the same skill level as you.

Entry fees are typically affordable and the prizes often include cash, item giveaways, or trophies. Oftentimes, non-profit tournaments are arranged to help raise money for charities and other great causes. Sometimes, people even host events simply for the entertainment and camaraderie. Either way, the organizers usually offer some sort of incentive(s) to the winners.

Many fans hope to see the sport showing up on television networks in the future, alongside similar activities like golf and bowling. While cornhole does not currently have a sponsorship base that would support a professional athlete, there are high hopes that the sport may eventually warrant a professional standing. Who knows, maybe one day it will be on ESPN.

The number of cornhole participants and fans has grown significantly over recent years. As the game progresses from simple party entertainment to a full-fledged spectator sport, one thing is certain: cornhole is a game that has, and always will guarantee fun for the entire family. If you are new to the game and want to try it out, get out there and start playing!

Barbecues And Fun Party Games

People in the South are no strangers to roasting pigs openly on a fire. This style of cooking has become a staple of the barbecue scene all across America. If you have ever hosted or been to a barbecue party, you know how fantastic the food can be. Whether it is a small or large function, here are some neat tips to make the average barbecue stand out from the rest.

One fun thing you can do to spice up any occasion is to use some cookie cutters. You can use a variety of cutters to slice bread and fruits into different shapes and designs. This will entertain all of the kids and make your food presentation look phenomenal. There are so many different themes you can introduce here, making the possibilities endless.

Another cool idea is to use your imagination when it comes to spices. Barbecues are all about being creative and trying to make great dishes that everyone will enjoy. You can mix fish, chicken and veggies with different spices and sauces. Wrap them in foil and place them on the grill for some new, delicious recipes. To make it more interesting, pick sauce names out of a hat to randomly match spices and sauces with meats and veggies.

If you are not a fan of sauces or spices on your food, you can try something completely different. Instead of normal burgers, dogs and sausages, try a grilled pizza or a salmon stead. There are thousands of unique recipes out there that you can try to change things up a little bit. Most people expect the typical burger and dog barbecue, so they might be extra surprised if you try something new.

One of the most important parts of any barbecue is how you will entertain your guests. Since most barbecues are held outside, a variety of different lawn, party and backyard games are great ways to keep everyone involved. If you have played games like ladder golf, horseshoes, tailgate toss or beer pong, you know how much fun they can be.

Depending on the venue, you can bring one, two or many different games for people to play. Quite possibly the most popular backyard game to play is bean bag toss on custom corn hole boards, followed by ladder golf, horseshoes and then beer pong. Whats cool about all of these games is that people of all ages can enjoy them as they do not require alcohol to be played. However, if you have an adult only barbecue, you can have a blast playing these as drinking games.

One important thing to note is that a barbecue party should never be quick and your guests should never feel rushed. Enjoy the time by relaxing, unwinding and socializing with good company and great food and drinks. If you do it right, everyone will enjoy spending time at your barbecue party. These are just a few of the many tips to spruce up any barbecue or backyard party. With summer quickly approaching, it is now time to start thinking about entertaining.

Arsenal Tickets

Arsenal are one of England's biggest and most successful clubs, and have won the FA Cup for the last two seasons. Founded in 1886, Arsenal were known as Royal Arsenal then Woolwich Arsenal in their early days. They moved from South London to their home at Highbury in North London in 1913, and moved again to the Emirates Stadium in 2006.

The turning point for the Gunners came in 1925 with the appointment of Herbert Chapman as manager. Under Chapman, Arsenal won their first FA Cup in 1930 and their first League title the following year. In all, Arsenal were League champions five times in the 1930s, including three seasons in a row from 1933 to 1935. Arsenal also won the FA Cup again in 1936.

In 1947-48 and 1952-53 the Gunners were League champions again, and were FA Cup winners in 1950. But Arsenal would not win a major trophy again until they won the Fairs Cup in 1970 - Arsenal's first European trophy.

In 1970-71, Arsenal, captained by Frank McLintock, completed their first Double in their history. With Charlie George's memorable strike against Liverpool winning the FA Cup for the Gunners. Later in the 1970s Arsenal won one of the great FA Cup finals to beat Manchester United 3-2 in 1979, thanks to an Alan Sunderland goal. Arsenal's next trophy came in 1987, with their first League Cup.

Two years later Arsenal won the League in remarkable fashion. They needed to win 2-0 at Liverpool to do so - and thus deny the Reds the title. A Michael Thomas goal in injury time ensured the title ended up in the hands of impressive Gunners captain Tony Adams.

The next two decades would be highly successful for Arsenal, vastly increasing their fan base and making Arsenal Tickets a highly sought after prize, and they were League champions again in 1991 - and lost only one game all season in the process. In 1992-93 Arsenal won both the FA Cup and League Cup, and then the Cup Winners' Cup the following season. During this time Ian Wright was becoming one of the best strikers in the club's history.

In 1996 Arsene Wenger became manager, and his appointment saw a period of notable achievements, including going a whole League season unbeaten in 2003-04. It was to prove to be Wenger's third League title win with the Gunners, as they had won the Premier League also in 1997-98 and 2001-02. In both those two seasons the Gunners achieved the Double too. Arsenal also reached the Champions League final in 2006. Key players of this era included Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira.

Arsenal have won the FA Cup a record 12 times. While their 13 League titles is only bettered by Manchester United and Liverpool.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Design a nature-friendly backyard

Involve your tween in building a birdhouse, say, or planting a butterfly garden. Motivate him to keep an eye on his creation by setting up an observation station nearby, with binoculars, a camera and a journal.

Take a hike

Get your kid to help plan a trek to an enticing destination (like a waterfall). Then—and this is key—let him invite a friend. He'll be way more into a day trip if he's got a pal along.

Make a splash

Challenge him to a water fight. Use the old standards, like water balloons and squirt guns, or think outside the box with thick sponges, plastic cups and squirt bottles.

Tap into his techie side

Send your budding director outdoors with a digital video camera to film a movie with his friends. Or if you're feeling Spielberg-esque yourself, make up a video scavenger hunt: Give your kid a list of silly things to hunt down, and film as he finds them. He can upload the footage and relive the fun with you when the sun goes down.

Rebecca Cohen, author of 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect With Your Kids, has three more ideas:

Speed racer

Design an obstacle course in your backyard or at a local park. Climb over a log, touch a rock, race to the third tree and run back!


Have everyone collect sticks and spell out letters, words and special messages. Want to make the task tougher? Have them build a tunnel of branches to crawl through.

100-yard splash

The fun doesn't have to stop when it rains. Suit everyone up in rain gear, and head outside for a good ol' puddle-splashing jamboree. The one with the largest splash wins!

With warm weather try these water games.

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