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O.C. veterans propose cemetery on former Marine base

When American Legion Chaplain Bill Cook peered through the chain-link fence at the windswept landscape — a broken runway, scrubby fields and green foothills in the distance — he remembered the Phantoms.

The fighter jets were once a regular sight, slicing through the air over what was for decades a bustling military base.

"The jets would just roar," he said on a recent afternoon at the old U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro.

Now the Vietnam veteran is leading the charge to transform a small piece of that land into a final resting place for Orange County's veterans.

Cook and others have been pushing for a veterans cemetery here since El Toro closed in 1999, but the idea is finally gathering steam as the old base is transformed into a sprawling park and neighborhoods of new homes.

The proposal has gained the support of legislators, county supervisors, city officials and veterans groups, though some have worried about a sustainable funding source.

But the most daunting hurdle may well be placing a cemetery next to planned tracts of homes that are being marketed to Asians.

The developer who is building the thousands of homes on the rim of the Orange County Great Park has consulted a feng shui master to review the names of streets, the bends in the roadways and the design of the homes to ensure a proper flow of energy.

In a city that is already 40% Asian, it is expected that the new homes — many which will hit the market with listing prices over $1 million — will be sold to buyers arriving from Asia.

And a cemetery is simply bad feng shui.

In the early 1940s, when the base was teeming with soldiers training for war, the airfield was isolated among vast orange and avocado groves.

But as the high-end suburbs of South County fanned out, the base became hemmed in by tract homes, schools and shopping centers. The Marines finally left in 1999.

What they left behind was an enormous stretch of land, about 4,600 acres dotted with abandoned barracks and hangars and crisscrossed with runways. The transformation into parkland, sports fields and homes follows years of legal disputes and political wrangling.

Bill Sandlin, a member of the Orange County Veterans Memorial Park Committee, believes there's still room here for those who served their country.

"I want to do all I can to make sure this place maintains some of its Marine identity," said Sandlin, who transported Marines headed for the brig between the base and Camp Pendleton in the early 1960s.

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Tips On Purchasing Gym Equipment

Regular and proper exercise is essential to keeping the body healthy. And, as more people are becoming more conscious of their health, fitness gyms are practically everywhere. Your lifestyle, however, may not allow you to go to a fitness gym regularly. So, one option you have is to get some gym equipment and workout at home. Gym equipment is an investment, so you want to get the most out of it. To help you with that, there are certain considerations you need to take into account.

Health Status

It is essential that you visit your healthcare provider before deciding on which gym equipment you should purchase. They can help you decide which equipment exercise routine would best suit your health status. If you have cardiac health problems, for instance, a serious endurance workout might compromise your health instead of improving it; walking slowly on a treadmill might be a better option.

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As with any product you buy, research is one key to getting the right equipment for you. And, this includes reading reviews. Consumer and fitness magazines provide ratings on the performance of a certain equipment, so it is always best to check them out. Of course, the internet is not short of customer reviews, so make use of these reviews to make a more informed choice. You can even dig deeper by keying in the name of the product or manufacturer into a search engine, together with the keywords problem or complaint.

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To give you an actual experience of the equipment, test it. Because it is not easy to test it in a store, go to a fitness gym, particularly one that allows a one-day pass since you are not looking for a membership. Or, you can go to a recreational center or a friends place. Spend at least five minutes on each machine, and see how your body responds to it.

Customer and Support Services

See to it that the company offers customer and support services. Try reaching the advertised number for you to have an idea of how easy it is to reach their representatives. It is also important that you are aware of the warranties, guarantees, and return policies.

In summary, your choice of gym equipment is essential in your journey to having a healthier lifestyle. The things you need to consider include your health status, customer reviews, testing, and a suppliers customer and support services.

Handgun Training Is Big Business

Its a wild world out there. Anyone who doesnt know it hasnt been watching TV. Despite all the security features of modern society (from CCTVs to alarm systems), many Americans still feel vulnerable. This is the primary reason why gun sales are higher than ever, and are still expected to increase in the coming years.

With gun owners through the roof, another question arises -- are these people responsible enough to wield their weapons? Have they received enough training to use their guns properly when they need to? Sure, there are lots of gun clubs and shooting ranges out there, but their prices are not always friendly for the average citizen.

The better ones charge for everything - from firearm rental to ammo, to eye/ear protection and target boards. That does not even count in the fee for being in the range. Of course, this isnt a one-time fee -- no one can learn to shoot properly after a single session.

If we aim for a safer society, we need an alternative for training in firearms. Something safe and compact. Something easy to use, and cost-effective. Something like the Gunfighter Simulation System. Additional information here.

The Systems Portable Trainer is a one-of-a-kind technology, which is specifically designed for those interested in personal protection. You can easily set it up in various locations, essentially being a mobile shooting range. With over 200 scenarios that cover anything from active shooters to burglars, it immerses its users in life-like scenarios no target boards can.

It trains not only your accuracy and proficiency, but also your judgment and cognitive processes through a virtual experience and its no arcade game either. The simulator includes two dry-fire handguns, with the exact feel and action of a real one. You can fit them with lasers to serve as training wheels for beginners.

There is also a Picture-in-Picture system, which allows users to assess their own posture and actions. This is something that can neither be obtained at the arcade nor at real shooting ranges.

The Portable Trainer uses a laptop computer optimized for the software. While being a complete Windows system with an Office Suite for recording and media creation/presentation purposes, it also has a High Definition video card, which perfectly replicates the needed scenarios. These scenarios are stored in two hard drives that can store up to 1,500 different scenes, and are projected via the bundled HD projector, which guarantees true-to-life imaging.

The system also has a customized report generator and template designer -- instructors will only have to put in the Name, Scenario Title, Date and Time. Everything else is filled up by the computer. These reports can then be exported to the standard MS Office Suite formats.

Its not all sights, too -- the sounds are just as realistic. Using a 5.1 Surround Sound speaker system, the trainees are exposed to sounds appropriate to the locations on the screen. Instructors may also choose to play their own audio from a specific location in the room. This is often used to provide directional feedback.

Relevance, realism and effectiveness are all qualities that the Gunfighter Simulation System has. The system allows instructors to teach and evaluate trainees in a way that conventional systems cannot. It also allows valuable training for all levels, from those who have just bought their first gun to those seasoned vets of the shooting range.

The scenarios advance in much the same way as real life, where decisions made at one point can trigger different branches, leading to divergent outcomes. With entertainment built in, learning how to be a responsible gun owner has never been so rewarding.

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